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Twitter #singlefor1chat Summary 1/28/14

January 31, 2014

Twitter Chat Picture

We had another great Twitter chat this past Tuesday. One takeaway was that not many individuals will schedule a date around the time the tv show Scandal comes on lol..We also discovered that both our male and female participants felt that intelligence was their biggest turn on. We also saw a pattern with a lot of trust issues from hurt in past relationships. You can catch up on what you missed below. (more…)

You Don’t Know What My Love Can Do!

January 30, 2014


love is powerful


One issue that I have to address with others is fighting against loneliness or overcoming the fear that you will never meet the 1. I say it time and time again that it’s all in how you look at it. Yes, I know you want to be in love with someone who is in love with you.


However, you must first recognize that your love is a gift. Your love is a level of love that no one else can give to the 1 for you, which places you in a unique category that is not to be taken lightly! (more…)

The Highlight: L. Michelle

January 29, 2014

L. Michelle

“Love produces. It’s not self-serving!”

Our Highlight of the week is  L. Michelle.


Single For 1: Where are you from?

L. Michelle: Jacksonville, FL.


Single For 1: What puts a smile on your face?

L. Michelle: God ideas. When I see God moving in everyday life, I smile. When I get something like a revelation, and there is no way I could have thought of it on my own. To see Him show up; and there is no other way it could have happened. (more…)

Diary of A Future Spouse: All He Talks About Is Us Having Babies!

January 27, 2014

Diary of A Future Spouse

Hi Duke,

I am a fan of the blog. It’s great.


I have a dilemma. I am a young lady, I believe attractive. I am outgoing and I love to have fun. I met a guy last year in August, the chemistry was awesome. I felt a little drunk from it all even.


We went out to parties together and had many dates. Hung out with his friends and mine… A month into it, he started introducing me to people as his wifey. I was flattered and didn’t pay much attention to him. (more…)

Twitter #singlefor1chat Post Summary for 1/21/14: Dating in 2014

January 24, 2014


Twitter Chat Picture

We had a great time on our first Single For 1 Twitter chat Tuesday night. Our topic was “Dating in 2014.”  Things got very interesting when we started talking about going out on a date with someone you weren’t attracted to and dating someone of a different race or from a different country. Blair Underwood even made a strong comeback when talking about what your ideal mate would look like. He got a lot of love among our female chat participants. LOL..Below is a summary of the tweets from the chat. #singlefor1chat (more…)