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I Need You Before I Say I Do!

August 29, 2013


wedding rings


Many of you have already pictured that perfect wedding day when all your family and friends have come together to celebrate your covenant with God and the 1 in holy matrimony.


While some of you may not want a big wedding or a lot of attention brought on your wedding day, you still have the desire to marry the 1 God has for you.


However, before you say I do, you must meet the 1, fall in love with the 1 and then marry the 1. (more…)

The Highlight: Mr. Kenny Pugh

August 26, 2013

Let’s take a trip down memory and revisit our very first candidate for The Highlight!

Single For 1 With The Duke

Kenny PughWelcome to The Highlight! The Highlight will feature single men and women from various backgrounds that are aiming to walk in God’s will during their season of singleness.


Our first feature article of 2013 is Mr. Kenny Pugh.  He currently is a business operations manager at a large fortune 500 company. However it doesn’t stop there. He is the author of “Can You Do IT Standing Up?” He owns a couple of businesses such as his radio show; The Chat Kafe show, a credit company, an event planning company, and is the founder of Kenny Pugh, L.L.C.

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My Heart Is Making Room For You!

August 22, 2013




Everyone has a story to tell. Everyone has experienced great joy and great pains.


Most of you have given your heart to someone in the past, and it wasn’t given back to you in the condition they found it in.


It’s one thing if it was in a better condition after that person, but it’s another when it’s in a worse condition.


Of course, when you gave it to someone, you didn’t go in thinking that you would feel hurt. You didn’t go in thinking it would end how it did.


However, you can thank God that your eyes were opened when they were. (more…)

The Highlight: Tiffany Biagas

August 19, 2013


Tiffany Biagas


“I always try to do the will of God.”  Our Highlight of the week is Tiffany Biagas


Single For 1: What do you see as being your most significant accomplishment?

Tiffany Biagas: I started a Christian based self-esteem girl camp in 2009; Camp You Go Girl! It was something the Holy Spirit put in my heart.


The mission was to help young girls know their value and worth. When it comes to my purpose, I know I can do more. I always try to do the will of God. (more…)

3 Reasons Love Will Find You!

August 15, 2013


love 2


Everyone has wants and needs. Everyone has likes and dislikes. We have thoughts and desires.


Everyone has a story to tell. Your heart has felt joy, sadness, disappointment, surprise, etc.


If your heart could talk, it would speak of how much you endured and have overcome. It has a story to tell. (more…)