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Are You The Right Fit For Me?

February 28, 2013


missing piece


When it comes to relationships, it may have taken you a lot of trial and error to know what you really like or dislike. You may have been in some good relationships and also some bad relationships.


Whether you are in a relationship, just got out of one or have not been in one for some time; you may still be waiting for the right fit. As I have stated before, the man has to wait too. (more…)

The Highlight: Mr. D’Ego Wilson

February 25, 2013

D'ego Wilson


“Plan your work and work your plan.” This is the motto D’Ego Wilson lives by. He is our Highlight of the week!


Single For 1: What was your worst dating experience?

D’Ego Wilson: Getting sick on a date. I was very embarrassed, and there was not a second date. (more…)

When Will I Get Married?

February 21, 2013


save the date


If you are single, this may be the question that is constantly staring you in the face as each year goes by.


You have prayed, fasted, tried this and that and yet it seems like you have yet to receive your answer. You worked on yourself and maybe even gave someone a chance that you would have normally let pass by.


After all of these things, you may still feel discouraged, stressed, worried, or have become upset until you don’t care anymore. Of course you still care, but you may have thrown your hands up because there is nothing that you can do. That’s a part of the human condition. Sometimes you get tired. (more…)

Am I Wrong For Not Wanting To Date This Good Person?

February 14, 2013




Dear Duke,

For the last year and a half, after a small group discussion, I have made a decision not to randomly date men. Confession: I would go out with someone out of boredom for a free dinner, movie and SOMETIMES truly to get to know them, etc. (I know shameful).


Recently, I have been asked on dates but I have not been interested.  Some I have known for a while, others I know nothing about them. They are saved, nice, good head on their shoulders men. I’m just not attracted to them. (more…)

Am I Too Harsh or Are They Too Sensitive

February 7, 2013


couple arguing


Question: Hi, I am engaged and in a complicated relationship of some sort. Our relationship just spiraled.  A lot of arguments have transpired and a lot of them were unnecessary.


However, the basis of the arguments is that I am harsh and I do not show emotions or even speak about my feelings. My boyfriend basically behaves like the girl in the relationship and I’m the boy. (more…)