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The Rent-A-Spouse Epidemic

May 24, 2012

We all rent things at some time or another in our lives. You may rent a moving truck to transport all of your belongings to your next destination. You may rent a storage facility to store some of your items. You may rent an apartment until you purchase a home. Perhaps you have rented a vehicle when you traveled on a trip. Some of you may have temporarily purchased an outfit for an event and kept the tag on it; after you wore it, you returned it. So, essentially, you rented an outfit. All of these examples have one defining characteristic. They all served a temporary purpose. They all met a temporary need and after that need was met, you no longer had need of the item that was rented. I mean that’s not so bad right? It served its purpose; you used it for what you wanted it for and then you returned it. (more…)