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Dream Again!!

May 10, 2010

Do you remember when you were a kid and you would dream big dreams? It seemed like nothing could hinder you from achieving your goals. That was before things in your life began to happen that forced you to live in the reality of now. However, who took those dreams away? I submit to you that the dreams were not taken away, but you may have thrown them away because you thought it was too late. WHEN YOU SAY IT’S TOO LATE, YOU ARE TELLING HEAVEN IT IS IMPOSSIBLE. Nothing is impossible with God.

Many women have dreamed that God would send them a great man, but as they aged, they felt like time was running out. Some settled for the first sign of a little bit of good they saw in a man, with the hopes that they could change the rest. Sure, no one is perfect, but you know if someone is a good fit or not. You spent so much time talking about what did not happen in your life instead of focusing on the things that still can happen. Don’t lose your today with thoughts of yesterday. What happened to your big dreams about life in general? Most Americans hate their jobs that they go to on a daily basis. They complain and complain, but do not have the courage or strength to do something about it. They make excuses for why it’s too late to do something else. They live a life as if they have given up on truly having the life they deserve. IF YOU HAVE SETTLED IN EVERY OTHER AREA IN YOUR LIFE, WHAT MAKES YOU THINK YOU WON’T BE TEMPTED TO SETTLE WHEN IT COMES TO RELATIONSHIPS IN YOUR LIFE! Who gave you permission to stop dreaming? I don’t know who gave you permission, but you need to give yourself permission to START dreaming again. Your success in life should not depend on having a man. You should be able to look back and be happy in what you accomplished on your own. There is a reason why the Bible says that He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains “favor” with the Lord. You add more favor onto the life of the man God sends you. However, if you have done nothing and have no ambition to accomplish anything, how can you add favor? If you do not have dreams and goals, why do you expect God to send you a man who does?

The choice is yours…Will you continue to go through life daily, giving up on the possibility of a bright future? Will you continue to make excuses for why you are where you are? Will you continue to throw pity parties? Will you continue waiting for what you think is the perfect situation before you make a move? If you are waiting for the perfect situation, life will continue to drive pass you. God is waiting for you. If you don’t dream, it cannot happen.

I end with this exercise that I want each of you to try. My pastor had the congregation do this a week or so ago. The assignment is to write a Dream List. Set some time apart when you get a chance and begin writing any dreams and goals you have and just keep writing until you run out of things. You do not have to give it much thought, just keep writing the list. Some of it may make you laugh, some may make you think. One of the dreams on my list was to become a Billionaire. For some reason, all my life, millions never seemed big to me. I never said, I want to be a Millionaire, I always felt billion. Another dream of mine is to be called upon globally to give spiritual, political and business/financial advice. One that made me laugh was I want to be sexy. For me that means putting more hours in the gym.  I also laughed when I said I want to be able to sing. If I get one intro on an album, even if I get the song started or just give a mini sermon on an album, I’ll be happy.  I hope you get the idea. You may write 20, 50 or 400 things. The goal is to get you in the habit of dreaming again. However, it is not a casual exercise. I looked at my list and I honestly believe I will achieve all of them. WHAT’S THE POINT OF DREAMING IF YOU THINK IT CAN’T HAPPEN? I  challenge you to not limit yourself. Don’t start writing and say -oh that can’t happen. Keep the list and don’t ever throw it away. Over time you may add to the list, but also glance at it periodically, and you will be surprised that some of those dreams have actually already come true. Happy Dream Writing. That’s all for now.

Your Singles Advisor,