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The Highlight: Uriah Tinsley

April 29, 2013


Uriah Tinsley


“I’m thankful for a second chance!” Our Highlight of the week is Uriah Tinsley.


Single For 1: Where are you from?

Uriah Tinsley: Macon, GA


Single For 1: What is your purpose?

Uriah Tinsley: To be a diligent servant to the Father and follow Christ Jesus. Grow in my gifts, and in ministry. Service is a part of ministry. We carry our service everywhere we go. Through fellowship, we can motivate and edify others.


Other men have inspired me when I had those days in which I needed encouragement. Currently, I’m seeking a church to join in my immediate area. I really want to find a place I can worship and be an active member in the body of Christ. (more…)

What’s Wrong With Me?

April 25, 2013


black couple 3


Everyone likes what they like and don’t like what they don’t like. Various factors and influences over the years may have contributed to what we like and don’t like. Nonetheless, you like what you like.


No one likes to feel rejected in any way. What tends to happen in any form of rejection is the person who feels rejected may feel like something is wrong with them.


They may feel like they are not good enough, qualified enough, attractive enough, smart enough, etc. (more…)

The Highlight: Charisse LaVell

April 22, 2013

Charisse LaVell



“Even if I don’t get married I would still be celibate!” That is right Ladies and Gentlemen, no cookies without covenant.


Our Highlight of the week is Charisse LaVell.


Single For 1: Where are you from?

Charisse LaVell: Detroit, MI


Single For 1: Tell me more about your volunteer work?

Charisse LaVell: I volunteer at a couple of places. One is the DeKalb rape crisis center. I’m on call for 12 hour shifts. I answer the line if there are questions about sexual assault and meet them if assaulted. I act as an advocate and liaison on their behalf.  I’m there to hold that persons hand and be that listening ear. It could be a man or woman.


I also volunteer as an HIV/AID prevention counselor, in which I provide pre and post counseling, the test results, additional referrals or suggestions. I’m also an Emory University research lab assistant. I serve a lot with my church. (more…)

I’m Not Begging For Your Time Anymore!

April 18, 2013


time's up


The common thread that weaves so many people together is the desire to be loved by someone. Yet, it’s not so much of being loved by just anyone, but you want to be loved by someone you love too.


Someone can be in love with you, but it does not mean that you are in love with them. The challenging thing is that sometimes you find that you really want to be with someone, but they don’t feel the same way.


We understand that time is a commodity. I say it all the time, “time is more expensive than money!” You can always get more money, but time once it has passed by is in the past. (more…)

The Highlight: Alice Giraud

April 15, 2013


Alice Giraud


If you never met a Proverbs 31 woman before, today is your day! Our Highlight of the week is Alice Giraud.


 Single For 1: Where are you from?

Alice Giraud: Originally Houston, TX. I moved to Washington, DC 3 years ago and love it! It is a beautiful city, especially for singles.


Single For 1: Tell me more about your Books?

Alice Giraud: Many years ago I did a bible study on Proverbs 31. The scripture sounded like a renaissance woman. She was domestic, a saleswoman, and an inventor. Her pride and dignity made her beautiful inside and out. She was a woman of God.


Before reading this scripture, I had a narrow description of a woman of God. After prayer, meditation and studying, I packaged it in a book to help change lives of many other women. The Single Proverbs 31 Woman Series is about issues of today’s single woman.


The Single Proverbs 31 Woman, a guide to being beautiful inside and out. I also wrote Young Ladies of Virtue to inspire adolescent girls. That led to me teaching seminars and workshops based on biblical principles.  (more…)