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3 Reasons Why I’m Ready To Be In A Relationship

November 29, 2012

Question: Dear Duke,

I am a single Christian woman in college who desires a serious relationship, but I don’t know if I should I date or wait until I finish school?  I need help in knowing when I’m confidently ready to get serious because some people say you just know but is that the case?

Am I to look at society’s way of doing things such as finish school, get married then have children? I am in desperate need now and should I date a man who has children even if I think he’s an awesome godly person? I am 26 years old, but I still would like to know what should I do as a single Christian woman? (more…)


I’m Right And You’re Wrong

November 15, 2012

We know that every argument or disagreement often ends with one person feeling that they’re right and the other person feeling they are right or wrong. I’m sure we all know someone who thinks they are right all the time about everything. Perhaps, you may very well be the culprit in this case. Trust me, I know. I was once the guy who felt I knew everything. It started as a teen and carried over into adulthood, until I realized that quite often; significant women in my life whether my mom, women I was in a relationship with or close female friends were right more than they were wrong. (more…)