Finding Love Is Not Hard



Contrary to popular belief, love is not hard to find. You might be thinking, well if it’s not hard to find, why haven’t it found me yet? Why am I not in love and preparing for marriage? I’m glad you asked that question.


Love is not hard to find, and it has many layers attached to it. One of the first places you will find love is in yourself. You must begin with yourself. Loving yourself is the first step towards you connecting with the right 1. Are there exceptions to that rule? Sure, but even so, you will still have to love yourself to be able to take full advantage of all that comes with love.


Once you find love in yourself, it will be much easier to determine who is not worth spending your time with! In many relationships that didn’t work out, there was a lack of the necessary amount of love on at least one side. Of course this isn’t to say that just because someone loves you or you love them that they’re the 1. What I’m saying is that when love takes a step back in any relationship, the relationship will take a step back!


Finding love is not hard to find because love is in you and love is around you! So, it’s only a matter of your love drawing closer to the 1 that God has for you. It will be like a magnet. Your spirits will be drawn to one another. Perhaps you’re frustrated because you long for the 1, but your frustration may stem from the fact that your spirit knows that they’re very close, but somehow the enemy has held them up. You have to fight back through prayer!


Love is not hard to find because God is love! If God’s love is in you, you are sure to attract God’s love in the right 1. If God placed the desire in your heart to get married, whether single or married, you’re always being prepared for what’s next! Relax! You’re not simply in waiting, but you’re in transition.


What you need to do is to stop taking it personal and allowing your feelings to take you all over the place. Yes, you will feel, but don’t let those feelings drive you to a place where you are so frustrated that you begin doing things that you know are counterproductive to what God would have you to do!


It’s understandable if you get frustrated from time to time, but don’t live in it! Your home is not in your feelings, but it’s in your faith! You must continue to keep the faith! Continue to look forward to what is ahead. You are on love’s hit list, and love always hits its target!


You’re capable of loving beyond ways you thought you could, and the beautiful thing is you’ll be loved beyond ways you thought you would! So, be easy and remain in expectancy for what’s to come. Don’t waver in your faith. Don’t stay stuck in your same old routine. Love can find you in your house, but it would be a rare case. You need to get out and live b/c love is attracted to life, and there is too much life in you to spend it sitting around all the time!


In the meantime, remember that love is not hard to find, and it will find you! It has your name on it. You will be loved, and you will fall in love. As foreign as that may seem to some of you, it doesn’t change the facts that it’s coming for you! Love is not hard to find because love already has a home in your heart! It’s just looking for the right person to share it with!


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As always, remember that you are Single For 1! That is all for now.

Your Relationship Advisor,

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One Comment on “Finding Love Is Not Hard”

  1. kgomotso Says:

    I am so ready of being in love,but when will it happen I just don’t know. God’s time is good timing.


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