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Should I Let Him Go?

September 29, 2014


Diary of A Future Spouse

Dear Duke,

I met this guy January this year. We started dating and things were ok as he was spending more time with me. Problems started in May when he said I don’t spend enough time with him. I told him I don’t want to rush things. I introduced him in July. (more…)

Twitter #singlefor1chat Transcript for 9/23/14

September 26, 2014

Twitter Chat Picture

We had a fantastic time on our #singlefor1chat on Tuesday. Our topic was, “Relationship Roller Coaster!” The link to the transcript is below.

Single For 1 Chat Transcript For 9/23/14

My Love Is Worth More Than This!

September 25, 2014

I love me


We all have done things for others and at some point felt that we didn’t get back what we deserved. Perhaps you kept making excuses for why the person you loved and cared about didn’t seem to love and care about you in the same way. That’s never a great feeling. You may have made adjustments and changes to accommodate them, but for some reason, things still remained the same. (more…)

Twitter #singlefor1chat Transcript for 9/16/14

September 19, 2014

Twitter Chat Picture

We had a wonderful #singlefor1chat on Tuesday. The topic was, “This Is How I Do It!”  The link is below.

Single For 1 Chat Transcript for 9/16/14

I’m Doing It A Different Way This Time!

September 18, 2014


doing things differently

There is not much more frustrating than falling into the same trap or doing the same thing over and over again that you know needs to change. You were convinced the last time that you would do things differently, but perhaps you found yourself going through the same cycle. You moved too fast in the past, and you said you would slow things down the next time. However, you were in another situation and found yourself tempted to go down the same path. (more…)