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I Don’t Have Time To Be Alone!

June 27, 2013


lonely couple


I have had about 3 conversations this week about others feeling lonely. Every situation was different, but the theme was the same.


We all may have felt alone at some point in life.


You can have a lot of people around you and still feel alone at times. You can have a smile on your face and make it seem like all is well, but still feel alone.


No one enjoys feeling lonely. It’s called a feeling for a reason because you literally feel it.


It impacts you physically, emotionally and psychologically. (more…)


On The Road With “The Duke” in Vance, SC

June 26, 2013

me 37

Today is our 1st installment of “On The Road With The Duke!” You will have the opportunity to get to know “The Duke” a little better.


These segments will include me on the road preaching, going to various places and events, some of my activities, interviews with singles, couples and much more!


Take a look at the video of today’s segment. It was after I preached this past Sunday in Vance, SC. (more…)

The Highlight: Robert Mays

June 24, 2013



Robert Mays

“The success of a dating relationship is not measured by if the two of you get married or not.” Our Highlight of the week is Robert Mays.


Single For 1: Where are you from?

Robert Mays: Greensboro, NC.


Single For 1: What do you like to do for fun?

Robert Mays: Play golf, watch movies, hang out with friends, and try new restaurants.


Single For 1: What do you do career wise?

Robert Mays: I was a teacher, and at the end of the school year decided to utilize my gifts and talents in another field, and change my career. I will still work with kids, just not in the classroom.


God was telling me for a while to leave, but I wasn’t listening at first.  My work and personal life suffered as a result. (more…)

I’m The Hottest Topic On The Singles Market!

June 20, 2013

singles market

We’ve seen reality tv shows where the main star either has challenges in their relationship or they are single and friends and family are trying to hook them up with a potential mate.


You don’t have to look hard to see what celebrity is dating who or is no longer in a relationship. Relationships are a very hot topic in our society.


We see magazines and other media outlets that have their own lists of the most eligible bachelors and bachelorettes!


You have seen that every Monday on The Highlight, we feature wonderful single men and women who are doing great things during their chapter of singleness.


Single is not a bad word, and being single is not a bad thing. It’s just simply one phase of your life. Marriage is another phase. (more…)

The Highlight: Mary L’Esperance Held

June 17, 2013


Mary L'Esperance Held


We should go to church on Sunday and be the church on Monday.” Our Highlight of the week is Mary L’Esperance Held.


Single For 1: Where are you from?

Mary L’Esperance Held: I grew up a small town girl, from Two Rivers, WI.


Single For 1: What do you do to relax?

Mary L’Esperance Held: I listen to worship music, sit alone talking with God and spend time in the Word. It’s not necessarily a scheduled activity.


It’s what I do throughout my day. It keeps me centered and calm. I also like to grab a bite to eat with friends. You know… go to lunch or dinner, hang out, and talk about Jesus. (Laughs) (more…)