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How Do I Get Over This Mess?

June 30, 2014


Diary of A Future Spouse


Dear Duke:


My story is quite long. I have been with a guy for 6 years now. We met when we were still in varsity. I realized as the years went by that he had an eye for women (I would find flirty messages to and fro), nevertheless I stayed and hoped to be the one to change him.  (more…)

Twitter #singlefor1chat Transcript for 6/24/14

June 27, 2014


Twitter Chat Picture

We had a wonderful time on our #singlefor1chat this past Tuesday, along with some very interesting responses. The topic was: “In My Personal Space! The link is below.

Single For 1 Transcript for 6/24/14

The Love Train Stops Here!

June 26, 2014




As time moves forward, it is also an indicator that you are moving closer to being with the 1 God has for you. Time moving forward is not saying that it took too long, but as far as time is concerned, it is right on time. Time is in motion, and love is in motion towards you. (more…)

Twitter #singlefor1chat Transcript for 6/17/14

June 20, 2014


Twitter Chat Picture

We had a great #singlefor1chat this past Tuesday. The topic was: “What I Did For Love!” The link is below to view the transcript.

Single For 1 Transcript For 6/17/14


Either You Want Me Or You Don’t!

June 19, 2014


Your decision


Sometimes it is easy to make dating and relationships become far too complex. There is often too much guesswork going on. You’re trying to figure them out and they’re trying to figure you out. You think they like you, but you’re not sure if they’re into you as much as you’re into them. (more…)