What If You Met Your Future Spouse Tomorrow?


tomorrow will be better

Some of you have been waiting and waiting for years to finally meet the right 1. You have prayed and waited and waited and prayed. You felt like you were close, or maybe after one disappointment after another, you feel further away. However, all of that could change with 1 conversation.


One conversation could shift you into the next chapter in your love life. What would you do if you met the 1 tomorrow? Granted, you may not know that they’re the 1 just yet, but it’s very possible that you could meet them and know very well that something is different about them. Some of you have lowered your expectation due to fear of disappointment.


Fear is the problem. Fear is what the enemy uses to keep you in bondage. The enemy uses fear to legally keep certain things from you that God has already released. So, you must get out of fear and jump into faith! Your expectations should not be lowered! You should expect that you will meet the 1.


The moment doubt starts creeping in, you’re giving Satan and his demons a free pass to steal from you. You’ve gone through enough and don’t have time to give the enemy a free ride on your behalf. If your expectations are low in reference to meeting the 1, what you’re presented with will be low! You must raise those expectations. Your expectations should have less to do with what a person does or does not do and more to do with what you’re expecting from God!


When your expectations are high with God, you will form the habit of not accepting less from others than what you expect! So, what if you met your future spouse tomorrow? I believe that you will be ready for them b/c you’ve been waiting to meet them. When you meet the right 1, they won’t always have to say many words b/c their presence will speak loudly for itself!


The keyword was “meeting” your future spouse. You have to be somewhere in order to meet a person. I say it time and time again that sometimes you need to change your routine. I know there may be a number of things you have to do and your schedule may be tight, but you should do something outside of your routine at least once or twice a month.


If nothing else, that’s just living life. You don’t want to exist or be trapped in your routine. Yes, you could meet the 1 anywhere. It could be at a gas station, grocery store, shopping mall, church, etc. However, you won’t meet them while you’re lying on the couch. You do deserve that relaxation time, but you still need to go and do something along the way.


Some of you are so caught up in what you’re doing or have to do that you don’t slow down for a bit and just live. I know the feeling b/c I’m always having to adjust. I sometimes get consumed in work and when I look up, weeks have passed by. You must be intentional about truly making time for yourself. People make time for what’s important to them! You should be important to you 1st, so be sure to make time for yourself!


It takes discipline, but you will have to adjust when the 1 comes, so you may as well get the practice in now so that it will be a smoother transition. It’s just creating a balance. You must get in the habit of making time for yourself today b/c it shows that you appreciate yourself!


So, I know you will be excited when you meet the 1. It could very well happen in 24 hours or less. It could happen this week or next week or next month. The key is that you’re ready for that transition b/c life will change. It will be a great new chapter with many adjustments.


It will be a fun new challenge b/c when two people are working on becoming one, there will be adjustments to be made. Don’t get caught up on what was, but get excited about what will be. You may feel alone, but you’re never in it alone.


Your love will draw them, but just make sure that fear and doubt isn’t forming a wall in your life to keep them out. You will meet the 1. My prayer is that it will be soon. My prayer is also that you boldly walk in all that God has for you right now.


In the meantime, keep that smile. Don’t allow the wait to take away your smile. Your help is on the way! Your 1 is on the way! After all, love was God’s idea.


As always, remember that you are Single For 1! That is all for now.

Your Relationship Advisor,

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