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I Really Want The Chance To Love You!

May 30, 2013




Love in itself is so powerful. Love when it’s put to action can encourage you to do things you would not have done for anyone else!


Love can also cause you to do things you wish you had not done. Love in itself is powerful, but love needs someone to activate it.


At the end of the day, everyone wants to be loved by somebody! Most people want to feel love and wants to be loved so much by someone until you feel like you’re the most important person in the world in that person’s world. (more…)

I’ve Met My Perfect Match!

May 23, 2013


perfect match


We have heard the saying, “You’ve met your match!” It is an idiom that means that you have met someone who matches you or is more advanced in skills, strength, intellect, etc. in a particular area.


When you have met your match when it comes to relationships, it means you have met that person that not only makes you feel better than you’ve felt, but who also challenges you in ways you have not been challenged before.


Meeting your match is not about trying to outdo the other or to prove who is better at a particular thing, but it’s about meeting someone who compliments you while still being able to stretch you as a person. In other words, they simply make you better. (more…)

The Highlight: Faithe DesChamps

May 20, 2013

Faithe DesChamps

“When everything/everyone else says I can’t, with Him I know that I can.” Our Highlight of the week is Faithe DesChamps.


Single For 1: Where are you from?

Faithe DesChamps: Sumter, South Carolina. I currently live in Huntsville, Alabama.


Single For 1: What do you currently do as a career?

Faithe DesChamps: Licensed Social Worker, and I am currently working on MDiv with a concentration in Chaplaincy.


Single For 1: What is your motto?

Faithe DesChamps: Time will tell the story.


Single For 1: Have you always been a Christian?

Faithe DesChamps: Yes, my grandparents were pastors and they raised me to fear God. In fact, it was my grandmother who taught me the meaning of my name. My grandparents lived next door, and when I was old enough to crawl, I would crawl across the yard to their house. (more…)

I’m Single And Available!

May 16, 2013


I'm Available


Being single is not bad. The 1 for you will be very happy knowing that you are single, even if you both have not met yet. Single is just as good as being married when you’re in the right season.


If someone got married when they should not have or married the wrong 1, they would have been happier single.


Just like scripture says “there is a time to be born and a time to die;” there is also a time to be single and a time to be married.


You would want to be on the right side of time in the right season. So, now that we have that established, let’s talk about your status. (more…)

The Highlight: Gervonder Brown

May 13, 2013


Gervonder Brown


“There is not an impossible situation He can’t handle.” Our Highlight of the week is Gervonder Brown.


Single For 1: Where are you from?

Gervonder Brown: Charleston, SC


Single For 1: What ministry do you serve in?

Gervonder Brown: Assist with the children and youth choirs and the Sunday school drama department. In addition, I’m a member at Full Gospel Word & Worship Center in Columbia, SC. I attend Full Gospel Bible Institute, and I will be graduating in June. Thank you Jesus!


Single For 1: Did you want to go into ministry or did God call you?

Gervonder Brown: God called me. I ran from it at first. I’m a background worker. I give great support from behind the scenes. The Lord had other purposes for me. I knew that some way, shape or form, I would be in ministry, but I was happy being in the background.


In your mind you have this idea of what ministry should look or be like. I was like Lord, are you sure you want to use me?  Sister so and so got it together. I’m not there yet. (Laughs) (more…)