What Will You Do When You Fall In Love?


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You shouldn’t suppress the fact that you desire to be in love. Yes, I understand that for some of you, it feels like it’s taking forever. It feels like time is slipping away, but it really isn’t! I want this to continually be in your mind because love is a great thing.


Love is your friend. Falling in love is fun. I know some of you have been in love before, and perhaps the outcome wasn’t what you expected, but the beautiful thing is that it doesn’t prevent you from being in love and not just in love with anyone, but in love with the right 1! Even if you’ve never been in love, if God placed the desire in your heart, it will come to pass.


So, what will you do when you fall in love? I can hear some of you saying, well let’s get to step 1 and actually meet the right 1 first. I know what you mean lol..It doesn’t stop you from looking forward to it. If you don’t have a vision of it, you won’t have anything to look forward to. If you don’t have a vision for your future, you’re simply just going through the motions.


I want love to be on your mind and in your heart. It shouldn’t consume you, but you were wired for love. You were wired to love and be loved, so don’t let a bad situation change your mind about love! Not only are you wired for love, but you deserve love.


I know you’ve gone to wedding after wedding, seen others relationships that seem to be going so wonderful. That’s great, but at the same time, you may still wonder when is my time? When is my turn? I’m ready, and I’m ready now. You may never say it aloud to anyone, but you know how you feel.


Love is going to change your entire life. What will you do when you meet that person who sets a fire in you just by their presence? What will you do when it feels like a weight was lifted off of you? What will you do when you meet the person your soul has been longing for in what seems like forever?


What will you do when love captures your heart? What will you do when you meet the one who just speaks your language without even speaking? What will you do when it all finally happens? I’ll tell you what you will do, you will embrace it. Don’t be afraid. Don’t allow the walls of your past hurts keep love from getting in and from getting out! True love will break down your wall! Yes, you need to envision it.


Envision your future with the 1. If the thought of you envisioning it frustrates you then it’s evidence that there is still some healing and deliverance that needs to take place. Not necessarily healing or deliverance from the past, but sometimes you need to be delivered from yourself. Your own flesh that is.


Some of you have to stop being mad with God in this area! If the truth be told, God is not always the reason some people are single nor is He always the reason some folks got married! It benefits us in no shape or form to be mad at God who is able to change anything. Some of you may internally wonder, well, why hasn’t He changed my situation?


You do know that you also have an enemy fighting against you. So, don’t take it out on God, take it out on those demons that are trying to keep you away from the 1. Take it out on those demons that are trying to push you away from God. The good news is that God can handle your anger, and He still wants your obedience. He still wants you to see that He is on your side.


So, you must regain your focus. You must get excited again. You may feel like you don’t have the strength b/c of fear of disappointment. Again, if fear is involved, you know it’s not God. The enemy is trying to get you to walk and live in fear so they can continue to rob and steal from you. You don’t need strength in your flesh, but true strength is in your spirit. So, feed your spirit.


You may even feel like there are some people who are doing all types of wrong, but they still appear to be happily married or happily in a relationship. Yet, you have been faithful to God, and it seems like you can’t get this 1 thing you’ve wanted. Please understand that the enemy can block in different areas for different people. It could be relationships for 1, finances for another, health for another, etc. Not to mention, as I often reiterate, it takes God to get with the 1 and it takes God to keep the 1!


The good news is that we have victory over the enemy through Christ. Just because you don’t see the manifestation yet has nothing to do with your responsibility to keep the faith for what God promised! If He placed the desire in you to meet the 1, He will bring it to pass. You just have to continue to do your part.


In the meantime, start dreaming again! Start putting the vision of you and the 1 back in your heart and mind. Look forward to it. Plan for it. I’ve never seen a vision come to pass without a plan! The plan has been outlined by God, and all you need to do is work the plan!


Guess what, it’s not always about being prepared. You may be prepared, but even in marriage, there will still be more things you will learn and get prepared for again. Love is an ever growing learning process, but it produces great results! So, what will you do when you fall in love? You will love it and embrace it!


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As always, remember that you are Single For 1! That is all for now.

Your Relationship Advisor,

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One Comment on “What Will You Do When You Fall In Love?”

  1. Suneetha Says:

    Thank you for your encouragement. I need it.


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