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What If You Met Your Future Spouse Tomorrow?

March 19, 2015


tomorrow will be better

Some of you have been waiting and waiting for years to finally meet the right 1. You have prayed and waited and waited and prayed. You felt like you were close, or maybe after one disappointment after another, you feel further away. However, all of that could change with 1 conversation. (more…)

Diary of A Future Spouse: I’m Still Trying To Get Over Him!

February 3, 2014


Diary of A Future Spouse


Dear Duke,

My last relationship meant everything to me. I believed he was the one, and that we were going to get married and live happy. It turned out he wanted someone to play “wife” for him while he waited for his ex girlfriend to get back from another country. (more…)

I Want To Be In Love Right Now!

December 19, 2013


Forever My Love


It may sometimes seem like almost everywhere you go, you see a happy looking couple or hear of someone else getting married.


Certainly, you are happy for someone you know who got engaged.


Typically, it would not bother you if you saw a couple out in public that you did not know.


However, from time to time, you may have that reminder in the back of your mind that you’re still single. (more…)