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What If You Met Your Future Spouse Tomorrow?

March 19, 2015


tomorrow will be better

Some of you have been waiting and waiting for years to finally meet the right 1. You have prayed and waited and waited and prayed. You felt like you were close, or maybe after one disappointment after another, you feel further away. However, all of that could change with 1 conversation. (more…)

Video: Signs You May Have Met The 1

December 23, 2014

Take a look at today’s video, entitled, “Signs You May Have Met The 1!”

3 Sure Ways To Meet The 1!

July 10, 2014



I love you 3


If you’re single and desire to be married, it goes without saying that you at some time or another have wondered when and how you will meet the 1 that God has for you. There is no one size fits all as to the exact details of how it will happen, but 1 thing that is for certain is that if it’s God’s will, it shall happen. Regardless of how much time has gone by, it will happen. You may not be able to speed up the process, but you can surely make sure that the process is not hindered along the way. (more…)

My Single Days Are Coming To An End!

February 6, 2014


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The clock is ticking! The clock is ticking! However, the clock is not ticking against you, but it’s ticking in your favor. Time is ticking away to get to the point in time when you will meet the 1 God has for you. (more…)

3 Signs They Are Interested In You

November 28, 2013

A blog post throwback!

Single For 1 With The Duke

black couple 2

No one likes to feel misled when it comes to relationships, or anything for that matter. No one enjoys being a part of a big game that they did not sign up for. When it comes to the opposite sex, it starts with some type of attraction. However, attraction is not enough.

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