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I Expect A Relationship Status Change This Year!

January 7, 2013

in a relationshipI want a relationship upgrade in 2013! This is a statement I’m sure many will subscribe to this year. Perhaps 2012 did not go as you had hoped in the relationship department, but there is joy in knowing that you still went through a process that has prepared you for what’s next. Some are still going through the process, but the process is for our good.

There is nothing wrong with desiring a relationship status change, but of course you don’t want any old relationship. You have been on this journey long enough to not be in the mood for any casual or temporary hook up. Single does not mean desperate. One of the definitions for single is suitable for one person only. It’s a mathematical fact. It’s simple arithmetic really, as 1(you)+1(the one)=2. This is why you are Single For 1, not many! (more…)