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Video: So You Want To Get Married?

December 2, 2014

Check out this week’s video, entitled, “So, You Want to Get Married?”



3 Reasons Why Some Men Are Afraid To Commit

April 3, 2014




This post is dedicated to all the women who have been in a relationship for many years waiting for a marriage that never happened, and to those who are in the situation now. Prayerfully, this will open your eyes and help those not currently in a relationship yet to not fall into this trap. (more…)

I’m Single And Available!

May 16, 2013


I'm Available


Being single is not bad. The 1 for you will be very happy knowing that you are single, even if you both have not met yet. Single is just as good as being married when you’re in the right season.


If someone got married when they should not have or married the wrong 1, they would have been happier single.


Just like scripture says “there is a time to be born and a time to die;” there is also a time to be single and a time to be married.


You would want to be on the right side of time in the right season. So, now that we have that established, let’s talk about your status. (more…)

What’s Wrong With Me?

April 25, 2013


black couple 3


Everyone likes what they like and don’t like what they don’t like. Various factors and influences over the years may have contributed to what we like and don’t like. Nonetheless, you like what you like.


No one likes to feel rejected in any way. What tends to happen in any form of rejection is the person who feels rejected may feel like something is wrong with them.


They may feel like they are not good enough, qualified enough, attractive enough, smart enough, etc. (more…)

All I Want For Christmas Is A Mate: 3 Gifts You Will Need From Them Upon Arrival

December 20, 2012

christmas pic

We are 5 days away from another Christmas. This year seems to have gone by so fast. While many are dashing to the stores or searching online for last minute gift ideas and sales, if you are single, one thing still remains the same and that is the fact that you are still single. Not as though you need a reminder. You have checked your list and checked it twice and the one thing that still remains on the list that may have been on the Christmas wish list last Christmas or the previous Christmas or for many Christmas’ is your all for one, full package, all the accessories included Mate. (more…)