My Door Will Open But Only For The Right 1!


door to the heart

We all have experienced enough in life to practically write a book about our life experiences. Some people have come in your life and went right out. Perhaps you have had many relationships or you may not have had any or any of much significance to you. Everyone has their own story and background.


Some doors are meant to be opened and some are meant to be closed. When we’re in certain situations pertaining to relationships, we don’t typically go on thinking that door will eventually be closed. If you’re dating on purpose, you’re dating with the intent to eventually marry. It doesn’t mean that person is the 1, but you’re moving forward to see if they are or not.


The more time and energy invested, the more it will hurt if that door is closed. For some of you, it seemed like the door was slammed right in your face without a fair warning. For others of you, it was a door that you knew deep down inside needed to be closed some time ago. However, you stayed around with the hopes that something would change.


Wherever you find yourself, one thing that is certain is the right door will come open and the right 1 will be behind that open door. You must also keep a door open for the right 1, and they will have the right key. There are multiple doors to reach the core of your heart and only the right 1 will have the right key that will fit in all the right places! Some of you were ready to marry off of someone getting through 1 layer, but it goes much deeper.


You thought you experienced the deepest level of love because it was the best you experienced and you were fearful it would be the best you would experience, but God is love and His love goes deeper than anything we can fully grasp. There are always deeper levels in God we can experience. Therefore, there are deeper levels of love you will experience with the right 1! God’s love will always reign victorious in your life.


Regardless of past hurts, disappointments or how you may feel right now pertaining to your love life, God’s love will have the final say! God’s love has never and will never lose in your life. He will send the right 1 to love you the right way. It may seem cloudy now. The forecast may look gloomy, but the keyword is look. That’s why we operate by faith in God.


Your door will open to the right 1. There may have been some intruders along the way, but your door will open to the right 1. There may have been some good people along the way who just weren’t the right 1. That’s ok too.


At the end of the day, you’re trying to get to the 1 God has for you. Your journey may not be the next person’s journey, but it is uniquely yours. So, don’t compare to anyone else. Don’t beat yourself up. Don’t discourage yourself because love is alive and love will defend itself.


For some of you, you have been too closed off and others of you have been far too open. Everyone doesn’t get a chance with you because everyone doesn’t have what it takes to be with you! No apologies necessary! So, it’s not a matter of if you haven’t been in a relationship in a long time or if you have. It’s about getting to the right 1. Whether it took 1 person going through 10 people to get to the right 1 or if it only took going through 1, the key is getting to the right 1.


The doors to your heart should be guarded by God. You may not do so well, especially when your flesh and emotions get in the way. This is why you should ask God to guide your heart. God’s love in you will be a magnet to God’s love in the 1 He has for you!


The enemy may have tried to slow you down or tried to get you to settle. The enemy may have whispered lies in your ear, but you must fight through it all. It’s very possible that the 1 has been released and you just have to break through all the traps of the enemy to get there. I have no doubt that you will!


In the meantime, walk through the doors God has prepared for you and sooner than you know, the right 1 will walk through the doors towards your heart. The beauty of it is that they will capture much more than just your heart, but you will experience love on so many different levels. Are you ready to receive it? God is certainly ready to give it!


As always, remember that you are Single For 1! That is all for now.

Your Relationship Advisor,

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3 Comments on “My Door Will Open But Only For The Right 1!”

  1. luz cepeda Says:

    Wow that was right on time. Just beautiful. . Thank you


  2. Chante Says:

    Reblogged this on lovesaga blog and commented:
    “God’s love in you will be a magnet to God’s love in the 1 He has for you!” Amen Duke! ~Chante


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