The Highlight: Kimberly Sharkey


Kimberly Sharkey


“You live and you learn.” Our Highlight of the week is Kimberly Sharkey


Single For 1: Where are you from?

Kimberly Sharkey: From my mom and dad. Okay, I’m just kidding; the south side of Chicago, Illinois.


Single For 1: What are you passionate about?

Kimberly Sharkey: I am passionate about learning.  I don’t ever want to “think” that I have arrived.  There are so many lessons to learn if you are intentional about learning something new.


Single For 1: How do you adapt to new situations?

Kimberly Sharkey: I believe I am a very observant person and analytical when it comes to paying attention to consistency and how people interact with one another to identify where I fit in or even if I need to invest my time.


Single For 1: What is your motto?

Kimberly Sharkey: “You live and you learn”


Single For 1: When did you fall in love with Jesus?

Kimberly Sharkey: I fell in love with Christ when I understood that “He knew me in my mother’s womb.”  Therefore, it gave me a knowing that we always had an ongoing relationship before I came to know Him and the revelation helped me comprehend the fact that He has been ordering my steps.


There was a comfort in knowing that He’s always with me and will never forsake me with the understanding that I can talk with Him anytime I want and seek Him by listening.


Single For 1: How do you spend intimate time with God?

Kimberly Sharkey: I would like to believe my everyday lifestyle because I’m intentional when it comes to my relationship with Christ.  I can see Him in everything I do and say.  My every living moment is created with Him in mind and knowing that all things work together for the good is a blessing because either I’m learning a lesson or being a blessing.


I treat Him as if He’s my husband, brother and friend.  So, I feel His presence in covering, protecting and guiding me, and that lets me know He is in to me!


Single For 1: What are your non-negotiable when dating?

Kimberly Sharkey: I can’t honestly say I’ve been a dater.  Dating means so many things these days.  However, I know I can’t connect with a person if they are not willing to learn.  Nor can I spend time with a person who will not allow me to have a voice.  I guess that’s the teaching spirit in me.  I would say it depends on how I’m approached.  The approach kind of gives me the indicator of the person’s intent.


Single For 1: What is your vision for marriage?

Kimberly Sharkey: Interestingly enough, I plan to write a book about this question.  My vision for marriage is to still be about my Father’s business.  I must be joined with a person who has a vision and I MUST be able to HELP him by using the skills, experiences and gifting that God allowed me to blossom into with the intent of still growing together and learning one another.


I envision Marriage as two people coming together as one union for a purpose that leads into eternity to leave a legacy based on our experience together for the glory of God.


Single For 1: Tell me about your book?

Kimberly Sharkey: “Seasons of Intentional Relationships: It’s Not Good to be Alone” is about understanding the process of relationships.  We were not created to be able to develop our character alone.  God placed people in our life for a reason, a season or for a lifetime.


It’s with our family where we learned many of our current habits of relationship development.  Some things are good, which causes us to grow, while others are not so good, which needs to be managed like weeds. If you know a weed will show up in your garden no matter what you do, you will be more prepared with treatment. We need to do the same with relationships, whether they are family, friends, platonic or in marriages.  As an adult you have to recognize what needs to be weeded out. Some folks may say “pay attention to the red flags”.


Each season represents a type of relationship that we all can relate to from family to marriage, being that Family is significant to the description of winter and Marriage, the fall season.  We all have to go through dirt like a seed in a ground and as a flower takes on different forms of development in order to blossom, similar to relationships.


I’ve written a book to help people recognize the need to be intentional about their relationships in order to maneuver through the seasons to become all that God has created them to be.  It’s about being prepared to grow once you recognize a seed has been planted.  Winter comes around every year at the same time. What things keep coming back to you to deal with?


We MUST pay attention (#BN10tional!) to the relationship experiences we encounter.


Check out Kim’s website:, for more information about her, and her new book!


Contributor: Alicia Wigfall

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