I Have Waited Too Long To Settle For This!


No compromise


The better you know yourself, the more you should begin to realize that you should not settle, no matter how long you’ve been waiting for the 1.


It doesn’t take away your occasional frustration with the opposite sex, but if you know you’re ready for the 1, then you’re already more than half way there.


It takes 2, so if you are ready, that only means you need 1 more party to make 2.


With that being said, that 1 person must also bring their best.


If you are bringing your best, the person who wants to be with you must also bring their best!


You have waited too long to be with someone who is halfway in and halfway out.


You have waited too long to listen to the lying clock telling you that time is running out on you.


If it’s God’s idea, God’s choice and God who keeps it all together, why would you think time is running out on you?


God is not worried about it because He is well aware of physical time, but He knows that when the 1 is sent to you, you will know that it was right on time!


You have waited too long to make the same mistake you made in the past or to even entertain some of the foolishness you entertained in the past.


You have dealt with more than enough crumbs in relationships. You have faced too much to settle now when you deserve the whole piece!


No matter where you find yourself, you must understand that you are not alone.


You are with many others across the globe who have been waiting for the 1. You’re not a bad statistic just because you’re single.


You join great company with many great men and women who are longing for the day they get to meet the 1.


Marriage is not the only aim in life because there is so much more to you than just being someone’s spouse.


I know you want that person to share your highs and lows with. I know you want that person to help ease the load in some areas of your life.


I fully understand it, and that’s one reason why you don’t have time to settle.


If you settle with being with someone, you are really saying that you don’t think you’re good enough to be with the person who is best for you!


Sure, you may not have met them yet, but you may forfeit the rights to them when you were scheduled to meet them if you settle.


That may cause God to shuffle things around a bit. This is why He chooses the 1.


Based on some decisions people make, the 1 can change because God can do that.


God won’t allow a person to wait forever for the 1 who was supposed to be the 1 to get it together! Scripture is full of replacements!


I know that last statement alone will set some of you free, and help bring some peace.


Joshua replaced Moses. David replaced Saul. Matthias replaced Judas.


The ultimate replacement was when Jesus had to come to replace Adam and Eve. He came because they allowed sin to enter the world.


Scripture tells us that to everything there is a season, and that there’s a time to weep and a time to laugh. There’s a time to keep and a time to cast away! (Ecclesiastes 3)


There was a time you cried over an ex, but there came a last time you were determined it would be the last time you cried over them!


There may have been or is a time when you are in a tough spot and must make a  tough decision.


There comes the time when you must determine when to stay and when to walk away!


When it’s a time to walk away, it is often never easy, especially after so much time, love and energy has been invested in a person.


Staying too long in an expired relationship is not commitment, it’s simply settling for leftovers everyday!


Every thing has a delivery date. You are on God’s schedule and you are right on schedule.


He has His own clock. So, you are covered across the board.


If there was someone who you know may have originally been the 1, and they didn’t do what they were supposed to do, there is a window.


We just don’t always know what that window of time is.


There are also those you are certain were not the 1, and you should thank God right now for that deliverance!


No individual can stop you from getting to the place God is trying to get you to. Only you can get in the way of that.


Either way, you have waited too long to simply settle.


You must be careful not to confuse loving someone with being a fool for someone!


Don’t allow your love for someone cause you to not love yourself!


You don’t have to apologize for giving love, but you need to recognize when it is no longer valued or appreciated!


When something is valued and appreciated, it is evident through someone’s actions.


You don’t have to apologize if your standards offend someone. That’s why they are your standards!


Standards are supposed to be met, not lowered!


I often state that standards are a part of your character, expectations, values, etc. Preferences are more of your likes and dislikes.


Preferences can be tall, short, bald, dark, light, thin, thick, funny, etc. They are things that you prefer in a potential mate.


What you prefer can change over time because what you liked then, you may not like now.


However, your standards should stay about the same.


The only way standards change is for the better, in which your standards become higher than what they were in the past.


You should be 100% unapologetic and feel bad in no way about the standards you have set because it’s who you are!


You have waited this long, and there is no need to lower your standards in hopes you will attract the 1.


Lowering your standards will not attract the 1, but it will attract someone who will remind you why you should not have lowered it!


You do not have a problem meeting the 1. You need to get that in your mind.


It’s all in timing, and if you try to force the time, it will cause unwanted problems.


You have already dealt with enough to be bringing on issues that you know you could have avoided because it was right in your face from the beginning.


The wait may have felt long, but there is joy in knowing that the wait is not forever.


Trust me when I say, you will be happy that you did.


I know some of you find joy in seeing an ex and you know you are looking good when you see them, and they look like they went downhill since they were with you.


That’s a little bit of your ego coming out, but I know it makes you feel good at that moment.


You don’t have to worry about who was because you’re looking forward to who will be!


Don’t get caught up in the noise of why you haven’t met the 1 yet. What is for certain is you have waited too long to settle.


Settling can leave you with a lot of voids to fill.


I know that there are many openings for those who want to settle.


Some people will make you think something is wrong with you if you pass up on what appears to be an opportunity.


Some get into trouble when it seems like this or that will do, but it’s only temporary.


It’s very frustrating to try to get someone to be someone they’re not in a relationship! That’s what settling has to offer!


I think it’s safe to say that you will leave that offer on the table!


You and God are working on something real good, and the world will soon see.


You have waited this long, so it has to be real good!


In the meantime, continue to be you because the authentic you looks real good on you. You wear that very well!


As always, remember that you are Single For 1! That is all for now.

Your Relationship Advisor,

The Duke

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13 Comments on “I Have Waited Too Long To Settle For This!”

  1. Shiroh Says:

    WORD!!! I refuse to settle, I refuse to lower my standards. I will wait for the 1


  2. thafero Says:

    Read at the perfect time…I needed that reminder. A heartfelt piece. Thanks Duke


  3. ope oluwa Says:

    Waoh! This is all I need….. I’m not going back and I won’t settle for less either. Have been wallowing in soo much depression and ‘what would people say’ thing. This blog indeed aint no accident. Thank u!!!


    • Duke Says:


      Praise God. I’m glad that you’re not going back and refuse to settle. I also declare that you shall come out of depression in Jesus name. God knew just what you needed. I’m happy that it blessed you. Many blessings to you!


  4. emmanuela Says:

    Timely word. Thank you


  5. Julie Says:

    God truly knows where I am at this very moment in the midst of compromise. Read this in the middle of the night, with tears in my eyes. Heavy heart of disobedience. In desperate need of Gods mercy and grace that I find my way back home from compromise. Please pray for me.


    • Duke Says:


      God knew just what you need when you needed it. The great thing is that you just start from where you find yourself. What has been done is done. You’re not in too deep as you are still in a place where the Holy Spirit convicts you. God just used this post as a reminder to you of who you really are in spite of where you are. I believe you will find your way back home from compromise because you already know the way. I will definitely be praying for you! I will be looking forward to hearing from you as you get through the process.


  6. Franklin Says:

    Well said! I’m proud of you!


  7. laura Says:

    This was a huge blessing. I needed to read this at this very moment. Just one of those day’s. Thanks for the uplift. I enjoy your posts every Thursdays


    • Duke Says:


      It’s good to know that the post uplifted you when you were having a moment. God knew just what you needed. Continue to move forward and maximize life. You have much to offer. It’s also good to know that you look forward to the posts on Thursdays. Thank you for being a faithful subscriber.


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