The Highlight: Mr. Kenny Pugh

Kenny PughWelcome to The Highlight! The Highlight will feature single men and women from various backgrounds that are aiming to walk in God’s will during their season of singleness.


Our first feature article of 2013 is Mr. Kenny Pugh.  He currently is a business operations manager at a large fortune 500 company. However it doesn’t stop there. He is the author of “Can You Do IT Standing Up?” He owns a couple of businesses such as his radio show; The Chat Kafe show, a credit company, an event planning company, and is the founder of Kenny Pugh, L.L.C.


He is also a minister of the Gospel. His most significant accomplishment isn’t his business accolades, it is actually when he is able to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and unbelievers become saved. This is what he cherishes the most. If he could turn back the hands of time, he would have gone into ministry when he was originally called. He ran from it at first, and didn’t accept the calling until 2003. He thinks about the lives he could have led to Christ.


A day in the life of Kenny Pugh is not typical at all. He has to constantly adapt to new situations by going with the flow. That flow could consist of dealing with clients on a day-to-day basis, coaching, writing articles for Black Enterprise, recording content or brainstorming for future projects and events. Whether on his IPhone or Ipad, Kenny makes sure everything is done on his to do list.


Many people admire others that have paved the way.  Three people who Kenny admires are: Bishop T.D. Jakes for spiritual guidance, Warren Buffett for business mindset and President Barack Obama for overall life. Kenny is a people’s person. His purpose is to enhance the lives of others. He would like to help people mature and identify healthy relationships, generate business ideas, and push them towards giving birth to their vision as well as being productive in everything they do.


This leads to one of his strengths, which is the ability to influence people to pursue their God given gifts. One thing that puts a smile on his face is seeing other people enjoy life. His weakness is his compassionate heart. At times it is hard for him to say no, and he may take on too much.


Kenny does not have time for negative people in his life. He views haters as admiration and opportunity. Admiration because they must admire him to be concerned with what is going on in his life. He also sees it as an opportunity to open up dialogue to discuss difference of opinions. Iron sharpens iron.


His worst dating experience was with a young lady who talked about all her problems for two hours. Total turn off! Of course he desires to be married, however at the moment he is happy being single.


Along with being single, he is committed to being celibate and promoting his “Celibacy is Sexy” movement. Celibacy is Sexy is a movement for men and women to live toward the word of God. It is a community, and wave of opportunities in which people can transform their train of thought as well as their definition of what love is. You don’t have to give away your body to show love. It promotes more transparent and healthier relationships.


If you would like to keep up with Kenny and all his future endeavors, please feel free to follow him on twitter @mrkennypugh, on Facebook Kenny Pugh, or check out his website,


Contributor: Alicia Wigfall

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